Led Strip In The Cage

The led strip is a flexible lighting source because it is easy to bend and can be any shape, and the protection for the ed strip can be IP20(non waterproof),IP65(Glue dropping for humidity area) and IP67(Silicone extrusion for outdoors) and IP68(Glue filling) 360degree encapsulated for underwater by depth 3M.

In order to create the speial circunstance that the project needed, the color is quite important, if for living room, the warm white is the better solution, and for shpping mall, the 4000K would be the best solution, and the outwall of the building, 5000-6000K would be the better idea.

Project Demonstration

In this project, the led strip into the aluminum cage, and the cage is located in a park nearby Shenzhen North Railway station, the led strip need to be UV resistant and can not yellowish in 3 years warranty, the lifespan need to be no less than 50,000hours, and the lumen per meter need above 2400LM per meter.

IP68 Led Strip from Hanky Industry-3

Product Design

1, This project need the very high lumen 2400LM/M, and need to achieve the goal of indirective lighting and decorative effect, the color should be 3200K and the led quantity per meter should be 240LED/M.

2, The IP rating need to be IP68 because the rainny weather is very often and keep for a very long time in Shenzhen, based on the UV resistant and high temperature, the protected materials is Polyurethane and 360 degree glue filling.

3, In order to make sure the led strip have longer lifespan 50,000 hours for outdoors project, the leds need to be Philips Lumileds SMD2835 10*26 mil and 0.5W/Led, for higher lumen and the make sure the LED pin temperature will not exceed 70℃.

4, The FPC need to be the double lyer rolled copper, and the thickness is 3OZ, because of the consideration of heat-dissipation and the max run from one end need to be 10M and the voltage drop is can not acceptable.

5, Cable and entry: Black rubber cable and IP68 Male&female cnnector, this cable is UV resistant and will not corrode when exposed to the sun-light directly. the MF connector is extremely easy in the installed step, only need to connect each male and female connector.

6, Installed accessories: for IP68 to adhere the led strip with adhesive back tape is not a good idea for outdoors, the rain and the weather will affect and will fall from the place installaed, the best solution is to use the silicone clips to fix it in ach 3pcs per one meter.

IP68 Led Strip from Hanky Industry-2

Project Picture about this Design

IP68 Led Strip from Hanky Industry-1
IP68 Led Strip from Hanky Industry
3000K SMD2835 IP68 Led Strip
IP68 Led Strip in the cage
IP68 Led Strip


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