Lighting Design of Cordis Hotel in Beijing Airport

After 2 years of decoration(Original Name:Beijing Langhao Totel),The Beijing Capital Cordis will reopen and welcome the client. It’s the 3rd hotel belongs to Cordis brand, the other is in Hongkong and Shanghai

In this design, not only highlight the modern and luxury which the DNA of Cordis brand, but integrate the feeling of air travelling into it, the lighting play a important role in the hotel, not only satisfy the needs of basic lighting but the effect additive of good atmosphere. In this design, it abandon the traditional hanging lights and concentrated on space reflection and visual extension. Inject the fresh animation according to the nice lighting for condensation in the public and open area.

The best combination that lighting,decoration,materials and space to give clients the suitable lighting, every details to embody the respects and happiness to the user.

The picture is from BPI Lighting Design Company


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