Innovative COB led strip-New generation linear lighting

According to the enhanced requirement about LED lighting source, chasing the high quality,high efficiency and high artistic, the appearance of flip-chip COB lighting source meet this marketing needs. The COB led strip fix the clip-chip fix on the FPC, no need the bracket and golden thread in the traditional package, pack to the different color and CCT for lighting decoration. Achieving pack-free production, combined SMT technology and packing technology well which is helpful to be the high efficiency and full-automatic production.

Because of the chip soldered on the FPC directly, low thermal resistance and best heat-dissipation and without the bracket and silver coated affection. Solved the vulcanization and oxidation; because without golden thread, the chip will not broken such as golden thread snap thread break when it in the humidity and high temperature, so as to get the high stability and long lifespan product. Flip-chip COB lighting source would be the trends in the next few years.

The advantage of the COB led strip

1,The very wide beam angle as 180°;

2,Continuous lighting effect, led dots-free,no dark area;

3,High CRI tp 90Ra and more soft than others;

4,Flip-chip package, low light decay, fast heat-dissipation and long lifespan;


6,Warranty 5 years within 8hours per day;

7,Can install in any thickness linear fixture;

Extra Advantages

The width 8mm/10mm and DC1212V24V optional,CCT 3000K/4000K/6000K, the led/m 528LEDM, because of its typical technological advantage, widely applied to the commercial lighting,linear lighting and high level prop display lighting, such as hotel,shopping mall,retail chain store and household main lighting or decorative lighting.


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