How To Choose The Right Voltage For Led Strip


While finding the led strip light, you may need to take the voltage into consideration, how to choose the voltage rating, let’s figure it out!

We need to consider whether have the power supply, if so, you need to choose the voltage as same as the power supply output voltage, e.g:the power supply is DC12V 100W, the led strip will need to be DC12V as well, change the power takes many time and will have the extra cost.

he DC12V is cuttable in each 3 leds, for example, the DC12V SMD2835 60LED/M, it’s cutting length is 3leds of 50mm, and the max run length is only in 5 meters, if longer will case the voltage drop, the brightness at the ed of connecting power supply and other end will not same. and the current per meter is nearly in 500MA(60LED/M 6W/M), the DC12V led strip max power is can’t exceed 15W/M, only the SMD2835&SMD3528 60led/m, 120LED/M, SMD5050 60LED/M have the DC12V version, for high density led strip need to choose DC24V.

Because of its small cutting unit, some cabinet project will choose the DC12V and cutting into small unit to get the ideal effect.

HANKY Cabinet Lighting SMD2835 120LED/M LED STRIP

For DC24V it can cut in every 6leds, we still use the SMD2835 60LED/M DC24V for the example, it’s cutting unit is in 100mm, and current is 250mA/M(6W/M), and it’s current is half of the DC12V version, with the DC24V version we can make the led strip in bigger power and more LED/M, and it’s max run length is 5M from one end as well, without noticeable voltage drop.

The DC36V and DC48V is the long run series, for DC36V it’s max run length from one end can get 25M and the DC48 can get 30M, mean we can use one power to control very long led strip to save more installed cost.

Hanky 50M DC48V IP68 Long run led strip SMD2835 60LED/M

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