Top&Side Bending Led Neon Flex Presentation

Product Features

High light transmittance, environmental protection silicone glue materials, integrated extrusion molding process;

Unique optical light distribution structure design, uniform lighting surface and no shadow;

IP67 protection level, salt solution resistance, acids&alkalis, corrosive gases, fired and UV resistant;

Excellent toughness, simple and stylish appearance, delicate and unique;

Top and side bending;

Size and structure

The cross section of this led neonflex is 15x16mm, constant voltage and 5M from single end without noticeable voltage drop,

Combine with top and side bending, to meet the requirement of the different space bend.

Main Specifications

  • Voltage: DC24V
  • LED PIN temperature: Max.65℃
  • Storage temperature: -25℃-60℃
  • Ambient temperature: Min -25℃
  • Power: 5W or 10W/m
  • Efficiency: 73LM/W(5W@4000K)
  • Max ambient temperature: 45℃


The front, side, bottom cable entry with silicone end-caps or integrated plug is optional(front only).

Cutting instructions

  • Remarks: the bottom of led strip has transparent window, cut it with the black cutting point;
  • Use a cutting jig, vertical cutting precisely in the exact cutting position of led strip;
  • Please do not be feel free to cut into an oblique angle or cambered section.


We provide stainless stell clips, aluminum clips and 1M aluminum profile about the installation.

When connect the led neonflex to the power supply, make sure the output is 24V and each led neon flex from one end is 5M max.


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