IP68 Led Neon Flex Installation

The 10x10mm led neon flex is a flex led neon emitted from top/left and right side(trio view), have the accessory of accessory bag, including 3pcs clips&screws, 2pcs endcaps; bendable stainless steeel profile and the straight aluminum profile for installation, to satisfy different area such as corner, flat or rough area. Bellowed the detailed presentation and video for operation.

Mounting clips installation

Firstly: use the screw to fix the clips on the applied area and maske sure the clips has been fixed tightly;

Secondly: put the led neonflex into the clips, the quantity for one meter is 3pcs, means 0.3M for one clips;

Thirdly: the end-cap is 2pcs in the accessory bag, use to protect the led neonflex waterproof ability after cutting;

Lastly: when all the operation done, turn on the power and enjoy the happiness that light brings to you.

Bendable Stainless Profile Installation

The staninless steel profile is can be bent with the neon flex bending direction as vertical bending and can be cut, the standard length for it is 1M/pcs, can be cut with any distance accoring to the project, installed steps as bellowed:

Firstly: fix the bendable profile with the screw on the installed area;

Secondly: put the led neon flex into the bendable profile carefully to avoid any damage on the led neon;

Lastly:turn on the power and do the necessary adjustment according to the actual situation;

Straight Aluminum Profile Installation

The straight aluminum profile is in 1M/pcs standard length, and anodic oxidation technology on the surface, and UV/chlorine resistant, will not rust for 3-5years emerged into the water. Because of the integrated design, the led neonflex can put into the profile even the both side. Installed steps as bellowed:

Firstly: Fix the profile with the screws(flat type)on the installed area, the area should be flat without any rough area;

Secondly: Put the led neonflex into the profile, make sure the led neonflex will not damaged by the profile and yor hand;

Lastly: Turn on the power and check if need to do any necessary adjustament for the ideal effect;

Check the video bellowed for more details.


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